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Where Does This Take You? is an exploration into the extent to which singular archival objects can reveal vital information about past events, subjective memories, collective movements and moments of cultural significance. Alex and Chloe co-curated the exhibition along with others.

The VHS player starts humming, the DVD player whirs; allusions to events spilled off from hundreds of pamphlets, missives, photographs. Actors, directors, producers; lighting crew, costume designers;  props, sets, sponsors... Little by little, intricate stories are mapped onto the expanding web of relations which emerges from the June Givanni Pan-African Cinema Archive.

Situated specifically within the context of the June Givanni Pan African cinema, four objects have been selected to demonstrate the breadth and depth of possible discovery that exists within and beyond this archive. Illuminating a minimal portion of the archive has already revealed a myriad of intricate stories, and the display is a visual voyage into the vastness of this link-making process.

28 April to 9 May 2016 at the Museum and Study Collection Window Gallery @ Central Saint Martins, with special screening of "Vintage: Families of Value" directed by Thomas Allen Harris.