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Alex co-curated SELF/CONTROL, a collaborative exhibition that explores how technologies have affected the construction of the self, control over information and collective and individual memory making. It is a conversation between the immediate present, the long forgotten past and the impending future.

It gathers 10 emerging artists from UAL who work with technology, Natalie Anastasiou, Mustafa Boga, Irini Folerou, Maria Luigia Gioffrè, Nicola Lorini, Lazeez Raimi, Juan Covelli Reyes, Ilia Rogatchevski, Lorraine Williams, Neale Willis. It is co-curated by Alexandra Sazonova, Alessandra Di Lorenzo, Azzurra Pitruzzella and Benedetta Turlon.

28 Jun 2016 – 2 Jul 2016 at Punctum Gallery, 16 John Islip St, SW1P 4JU

Collectively, we ask you the question: Are you in control?