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Chloe spent two weeks in Manchester at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) for a research-based residency. The residency was a dedicated time to think about environmental concerns that define the 21st century including environmental sustainability, social economy and human rights in the context of the UK.

Chloe moved to London from Hong Kong for a year to attend MA Culture Criticism and Curation at Central Saint Martins and the residency provided an opportunity to reflect on the personal experience of moving between countries and cultures.

Chinatown plays a significant role in the development of Chinese culture. The area’s beginnings were rooted in the restaurant business and after the immigration boom, many more surfaced in addition to other types of businesses. Areas known as ‘Chinatown’ exists throughout the world, and it is historically known as an ethnic enclave in an urban setting outside of China. Whether this spatial pattern of occupation in modern day is just an urban artifice used for touristic and commercial purposes is debatable. What she looked into was the integration of people with their environment during immigration and concepts of citizenship through land ownership – can we integrate into cities through culture?


Can we integrate into cities through culture?