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Ripe by Alex, tackles female sexuality. How do women discover their bodies? What power does sexuality give women? Against a society of catcalls and slut shaming, what does it mean to be a woman?

Alex told stories, physically and vocally, of sexual experiences of herself and of others, trying to tie together what it means to be a sexually active woman. It uses verbatim recordings of women from 18 to 90 who discuss their experiences and points of view on sexuality. RIPE covers sexual power, love and friendship.

Performed on 14th Aug 2016 at Rich Mix
Produced by Nik Way

Are you uneasy with the fact that we’re about to talk about vaginas? Must be a little awkward for those of you who haven’t got one. We’ll work through that. Close your eyes. Get comfortable.
Relax into your chair. Breathe. Let’s focus on lips.
What is the texture of your lips? Are they firm? Are they soft? What do they
taste like right now? Who was the last person to feel them?

Open your eyes.
Let’s focus on lips.