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As project manager for Do The Green Thing, Chloe helped put together Man-Made Disaster an exhibition that is a powerful response by 30 women and non-binary artists who operate at the intersection of creativity and social change.

With rage, sadness, hope and humour, the artists show us that patriarchy is not only bad for the culture - it’s destroying the environment, too.

The exhibition is a response to Do the Green
Thing’s Issue Man-made disaster: How
patriarchy is ruining the planet.

The Issue posits that in climate terms, toxic
masculinity is toxic. Research has found that
women waste less than men, recycle more
than men and outperform men in nearly
every environmental behaviour. But while
men disproportionately contribute to climate
change, women and girls are disproportionately
affected by its negative impacts.

Online exhibition

What the data shows is that the chronic and cumulative effects of patriarchy isn't only bad for society – it's bad for the planet, too.