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An installation that came out of a month long residency at Koidu Estonia where Alex alongside her collaborator Hanna Junti,  movement practitioner, explored language through looking at the tongue and mouth. The showing was a multi-sensorial experience featuring video art, interactive components, dance and poetry.

How do we experience the world with our mouth and tongue? How does the mouth, so radically connected to language and the body, self and other, negotiate our world building?

“I exercise my mouth, (as well as my right to speech): to tune my voice to the cultures around me,...” – Brandon LaBelle

At Viljandi Teatrihoov Dec 2018 with installation and performance on the 28th December 2018.

A pink seaslug, a thick porphyra seaweed
the tongue lives in shallow waters
behind two fleshy folds
called commonly the mouth
(where the rivers meet), the lips.
its underside rhythmically lined
with bloodflow revealing its relation
to the heart and body
in French they say that the tongue
is the employee of the heart
la langue est l’ouvriere du Coeur
its tip sharp, in many cultures said
to cut like a blade
it rests behind teeth
With a simple lift it licks the buccal cavity
teeth, lips and extends beyond the body,
it curls, waves, twists, flexes
The tongue fully supplied with nerves,
tastebuds and eventually words
mediates the wor(l)d for me
keel langue tongue язык
divided by a groove it splits
two arms waving
try to send a signal
no service
In all spaces alien
in flow between
waters and continents
But I remember
Places I have been
And I return
Like whales
Singing the same song
Picking up at the place
They left off