fertile grounds . about . fungi fest . a is for apple . just here 2 network . keel tongue язык . man-made disaster . roots and connections . intimacy . ripe . self/control . diaspora summit . where does this take you?

Alex and Chloe organised an event and put together a publication on the topic of ‘intimacy’. The publication collects a multitude of voices to express the difficulty in grasping a universal understanding of intimacy in today’s context.

Poets, writers, artists, and practitioners each approached the topic in their own way, bringing fresh perspectives to ask us to reflect on the way we connect with each other through running workshops at the one day event and contributing to the publication.

With social networking and dating apps we have started to communicate and relate to each other with more immediacy. We translate our everyday lives into posts and images, creating a curated, and perhaps false, identity. Digital culture has shifted the way we create, experience and share intimate moments.