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What is fertile grounds?

Fertile means capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops

Fruitful, productive, high-yielding, generative

It also means producing many new and inventive ideas

Resourceful, creative, visionary, innovative, inventive

Encouraging a particular activity or feeling

Able to conceive young or produce seed

Potent, fecund, reproductive

Ground is the solid surface of the earth

Terra firma

An Area of land or sea used for specific purpose

An area of knowledge or subject of discussion or thought

Who are we?

Fertile Grounds is co-directed by Alexandra Sazonova and Chloe Ting. We are artists and curators. We met in 2016 whilst studying at Central Saint Martins on the MA Culture, Criticism and Curation course.

We believe that art teaches us to see anew and helps us understand how to better attune, adapt and move through the world. We specialise in actions, installations, performances, workshops, and public conversations. We create artworks, exhibitions and events that are transdisciplinary, delving into themes usually connected with science and specialist research. We practice finding unlikely connections through post-disciplinary practice, which is why we often explore networks and systems. We move in response to our curiosity and are particularly interested in understanding the contemporary moment. Through looking at organisms (ie. mycelium, the internet, a parasite), how it works and its interaction within their own systems and beyond, we unravel and tease out concepts to learn from and relate it to our human experience.

Currently we are looking at concepts of cooperation, cohabitation, ecology, human and artificial consciousness.

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