January 2019






Hanna Junti

keel tongue язык is the result of a month-long residency at Koidu in Estonia. It is a collaborative project between Alex as an artist and curator and Hanna Junti as movement practitioner and theatre maker. They asked: how do we experience the world with our mouth and tongue? How does the mouth, so radically connected to language and the body, self and other, negotiate our world building? Exploring language, and multilingual understandings of the world, we played with how culture is mediated through the mouth – the food we ingest, the words that take shape in our mouths and leave through sonic waves, the people we kiss and so on.

“I exercise my mouth, (as well as my right to speech): to tune my voice to the cultures around me...” – Brandon LaBelle

The final installation was a multi-sensorial experience featuring video art, interactive components, dance and poetry. It was the precursor to the larger project just here 2 network that looks at communication systems.