Oct 2018 – May 2019




Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava


Hanna Junti

Just here 2 network is a collaborative work between Alex as artist and curator and Hanna Junti as a theatre maker and movement practitioner. It is the result of a 9 month long research residency. It culminated in an installation and performance.

The residency investigated communication systems. During the research period of the residency they first examined the body and the mouth as a space for negotiation and later turned to microbiology as a place to examine complex communication systems. They looked at the gut, the mouth and microbiology within the body to uncover how communication happens on a broader level. The research cemented the idea that there are no monocultures; cells, bodies and human communities communicate, cooperate, fight, negotiate, connect, disconnect to create functioning ecosystems.

The installation combines 2m fabric woven in shapes reminiscent of DNA, circles and spirals, shapes you find repeatedly in big and small organisms and a video layering microbiology, the human body and water. Within the installation there was a 20 minutes durational movement performance that shifted between dance, lecture and song. The different facets of the installation constantly zoom in and out from macro to micro to attempt to grasp communication patterns and laws that are regularly found throughout the body, in between people and in nature.